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  Westlake Meadows Garages/Carports

Lake Oswego, Oregon
24 new garages and 18 carports
Value:  $260,000
Owner:  Oregon Pacific Capital Management Co.
Contact:  Kerry Pratt 
Architect:  Myhre Group Architects
Contact:  Brian Laramee
Completion:  October 2004

Project Abstract: One of our smaller projects in terms of scope, this endeavor was an example of planning breeding success. KeyWay Corp was asked to build several garage buildings for the existing Westlake Meadows Apartment complex. Before construction of the garages could commence, the existing carport structures needed to be moved. The existing carport structures are tile-roofed and truss framed, which are susceptible to damage if handled improperly. The structures were built in place, so they were not designed as modular assemblies. The roofs were lifted from their columns by crane as complete roof structures, and then placed on new columns which had to be located and positioned using surveyed points so they would match the old locations precisely. The operation was carried out seamlessly, and the garage construction that followed was a much simpler effort.

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