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  Oak Tree Apartments, ph. 2

Tigard, Oregon
Multifamily apartments; 108 unit; 102,000 sf
Value:  $5,500,000
Owner:  Ossey Development Corp.
Contact:  Dick Ossey
Architect:  Paul Franks Architecture
Contact:  Paul Franks
Completion:  Fall 2005

Project Abstract: Phase two of the Oak Tree Apartments involved the construction of 108 new apartment units, plus a clubhouse/community space. The apartments are market-rate, utilizing standard apartment-grade finishes. The buildings are 3-story, sprinklered, breezeway-loaded apartments. This was our fourth project for Dick Ossey.

Project Challenges: The second phase for the project as a whole is geographically split from the first phase. Phase two is connected to phase one by the inclusion of a pedestrian bridge (constructed by KeyWay as part of phase 2) through a heavily wooded greenspace corridor. The bridge was constructed in the parking lot in several sections, which were then hoisted over the greenspace ravine to be set into place atop concrete columns.

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