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The Key to Excellence

Our Mission

As we look forward to the future and its many opportunities, KeyWay Corp. stands ready to meet the challenge.  Changing legislation, rising land costs, fluctuations in raw materials’ costs and economic uncertainty are adding to the risks shouldered by the developers of multifamily housing.  Success in this increasingly complex arena requires strict adherence to budget and schedule performance.  New standards must be set for product quality while balancing the benefits of cost effective building systems.  

We are proud to say that KeyWay Corp. has an outstanding track record in the industry for meeting these challenges.  Our construction management team is exceptional at maintaining Price, Performance and Quality.  Experience has brought us the ability to work closely and effectively with all segments of the industry including developers, engineers, architects, property management firms and lending institutions.

KeyWay Corp. has recognized the changing demands of the industry.  Existing now is a need for hands on construction management.  KeyWay Corp. brings to a project a construction management entity focused on controlling the owner's costs.  The last decade has seen the evolution of low overhead and streamlined operations which utilize a small but sophisticated staff, coupled with the latest in computerized technology.  Our unique construction management processes are tried and proven over thousands of units, making KeyWay Corp. the logical choice as your general contractor or construction manager.

We are forever grateful to the individuals, companies and institutions who have enabled us to become one of the leading general contractors of housing projects in Oregon and southwest Washington.

This site is a quick overview of KeyWay Corp.  We invite you to look into our company and call upon our references.  We welcome your questions, comments and any further interest you may have.

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